HOW TO update your SONY A7iii A7Riii firmware 3.0

what’s up guys and I already knew this this is like a says in the title the update for the Sony a7r 3 and sony a7 3 and I was really waiting for this and I just got back from Vegas last night from NAB 2019 that was awesome I met so many cool people […]

How to update the Sony A7iii – Firmware 3.0

so finally their firmware 3.0 for the Sony a7 3 is here I’m gonna quickly show you how to upload it onto your camera and then I’m going to show you what we’ve got in this new firmware I’ve put a link in the description below that’ll take you to the firmware update page make […]

Sony a7iii and a7Riii Firmware 3.0 Updates with Timelapse and Animal EyeAF plus DJII OSMO Giveaway

Make sure you stick around to the end of this video because there’s an important announcement for cine chimps subscribers welcome back everyone if you’re a canon user like me this new Sony firmware update may change your mind that’s right in Sony firmware update 3 sony has announced the ability to track animal eyes […]

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