September 2018 | Intel® Developer Zone Update | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and this is the Intel Developer Zone Update. In this episode, we cover the recent milestone of a school in the Oakland Unified School District, the latest practical processor rolling out of Intel’s inventory, and give you a breakdown of the 2018 Unreal Open Day Event, which took place in Shanghai, China. […]

VEXcode V5 Blocks – “Updating Firmware” Tutorial

You can update the firmware of your V5 Brain right inside of VEXcode V5 Blocks. First, make sure that V5 Robot Brain is turned on and connected to your computer. Once the V5 Robot Brain is connected to your computer, the Brain icon will either turn green or orange. Green means that the V5 Brain […]

Coding without seeing the screen

– I always got a thrill out of being independent. Just the feeling of being able to accomplish the same things everyone else was accomplishing. I think people often underestimate me, as a blind person, and what I can do. People don’t even know how can a blind person use a computer or use their […]

MIT’s Office of Engineering Outreach Programs (OEOP)

So you can see how I actually control the plasma is by using magnetic fields. So if you run a current through a wire, it will generate a magnetic field, and that’s one of the beautiful things about electricity and magnetism. [MUSIC PLAYING] MITES is a summer program for rising seniors. It’s here at MIT, […]

What do programmers actually do?

Thanks to YouTube for supporting PBS Digital Studios “recommendations” You’re saying “graham crackers” Okay, I’m Diana and you’re watching physics girl six years ago I started this YouTube channel with a video about what to do with a physics degree But the dirty truth is that I was leaving a job at the time working […]

Life as a Custom Software Developer

My name is Koen Griffioen. I am a custom software developer at Capgemini It is an exciting place to work. It also depends on yourself. Like, you can get yourself a really boring job but, if you want to achieve something then, you can go anywhere. And by anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE. My dad has […]

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