Android Developer Story: Made for India

As you know India is a land of about 1.3 billion people, has a big demographic divide with people of multiple income levels, multiple literacy levels, multiple languages. What technology can do is to create a common layer and can actually improve the quality of life of people. I think the greatest tool we have […]

GH5 2.3 firmware: what I like about it

My name is Chris and I’m a filmmaker. In the last video I actually made fun of the autofocus a bit. This is what I really think of the GH5 2.3 firmware update. ♪ [water falling] There’s not a whole lot of changes in this update. A lot of them are just tiny little things […]

A Breakdown of Shadows Die Twice [New Game by FROM Software]

From software’s new project, shadows die twice They’ve given us 13 seconds of footage to work with but in a way the less there is, the more there is to talk about. For example, have you noticed the Japanese script in the background or the oriental instruments? What about those shavings in the corners or […]

Android Developer Story: Robinhood uses Jetpack to help write clean, poetic code

[Vinesauce] Joel – PC Optimizer Pro Scammer Prank Call ( Windows 8 Destruction )

Scammer: Thank you for calling PC Optimizer Pro, how can I help you? Kermit Joel: Hello? Kermit Joel: HELLO? Kermit Joel: Can– can you hear me? Scammer: Yes I can. Kermit Joel: Alright– alright. Kermit Joel: So my son’s been– been downloading these viruses on my computer, Kermit Joel: And I can’t get ’em off! […]

A Breakdown of Elden Ring [New Game by From Software] ► E3 2019

From software’s new game is open-world There will be significant RPG elements its allegedly the largest project today’s and It’s called Elden ring Elden rings development started just as development for Dark Souls 3 DLC ended As of today that’s more than 2 years of development. And while we don’t have a release date for […]

Why I Stopped Animating (And Why I Started)

Hey guys, Tamago here. So, it’s been a while since my last animated video. The last one I did was the New Year’s joke PSA and as expected, I’ve been getting a lot of questions such as, when’s your next animation what happened to the animation, *ahem* I got bored. That’s the basic answer, but […]

From Open Evening to Software Developer

Hi, I’m Kira, I’m from Guatemala and I am Code Institute graduate. I went to one of the opening evenings of Code Institute. It sounded very interesting to me. The next day I went straight to the library, I got some coding kids books. I started practicing with it. I enjoyed it and I thought […]

LGR Tech Tales – McAfee’s Wild Ride

In 1987, John McAfee launched “McAfee VirusScan,” a program which quickly became a leading solution for protecting computer users from malicious code, resulting in McAfee and his company seeing huge success, while jump-starting the entire anti-virus software industry. But nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that willingly uses the software, and the man […]

Bloodborne’s Story ► Explained!

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” -H.P. Lovecraft Our eyes are yet to open… Fear the old blood. These were the words spoken between Master Willem and Laurence. From the cautious teacher to the ambitious student Fear what you […]

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