Getting started with Clipflair: Hercules SDH

Hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial on how to subtitle videos using Clipflair. All files produced by the Clipflair platform have the extension .CLIPFLAIR and can only be opened through the platform, not with any programme in your computer. Also, the use of Firefox as a web browser is recommended because it works better […]

VASAviation’s Solo Flight on the Socata TB-9 Tampico!

La Morgal traffic, ECEUS rolling on runway 10 for the pattern and touch and goes. I have Guti in sight. Final clear, runway is clear. Flaps 1, mixture rich, carb heat off, fuel pump off. 500 feet, right side clear. Turning right crosswind 10, EUS. 80 knots on right crosswind. Turning right downwind 10, EUS. […]

Co-op and Careers in Software Engineering @ RIT

[ Music ]>>We basically get to take a quarter or two off, and we go into industry and work in our field.>>I co-oped at Citrix Systems.>>The Walt Disney Company.>>Electronic Arts.>>I worked at Google.>>Goodrich Aerospace.>>Oracle Systems.>>Microsoft.>>Vicarious Visions in Albany, New York.>>I was working on YouTube.>>I worked at Microsoft.>>IBM in Durham, North Carolina.>>One of the things that […]

Master Software Engineering and Management

Hey smart cookie! Software Engineering and Management is a master’s program created just for you. Here you will learn how to mastermind software projects all over the world. And why is it so special to you? My name is Tabata Pérez Rentería, I come from Mexico and I’m an alumnus of the master program of […]

Introducing SEAtS Software

In higher education, student success is spelt SEATS. SEAtS is a revolutionary Student Success platform that begins here. With an easy-to-use SEAtS app, students check into class, their attendance registered by a Bluetooth ibeacon. Based on the simple proposition that knowing who’s present strengthens everyone’s future, SEAtS software integrates student attendance and performance data. It […]

How I Learned to Code in Less Than 2 Months

Digesec Hashing Utility: computer / engineering software – tutorial by TechyV

Hi friends, this is Charlie from And today we are going to see Hashing utility. So before we start out, I would like you to advice that this software is useful for engineering students. I mean those who are from computer or IT background. Usually the students get this type of example during their […]

Getting Started with Creo for Students | PTC Academic

Hi, my name is Alexander Ouellet and I’m a senior applications engineer here at the PTC Academic Program. Today I’m gonna give you some helpful tips and tricks on using Creo. (upbeat music) One of the first things we need to do before we get started is make sure we have the right hardware. In […]

Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software), University of Sydney

Today, we interact with information in ways never thought possible – all through the ingenuity of software engineers. At the University of Sydney, you’ll be coding from day one, learning how to build and maintain the software of tomorrow, shaping the way we work. Software engineers have a very broad spectrum of work. They take […]

5 THINGS: on The Truth About Video Editing Software in Hollywood (ep 213) Avid, Premiere, FCP + more

On this episode of 5 THINGS, I’ll tackle the uber common question of “What video editing software should I learn?” by sharing the truth about video editing software here in Hollywood. Who uses what? Why do they use it? And for how long? Buckle up! Hello and welcome to another episode of 5 things – […]

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