Quantum Adaptive Learning and Assessment Software

You know the drill. The big test is coming up and students are scrambling to study. It’s late and the instructor isn’t available to help or answer questions Grinding through the textbook is time-consuming and creates information overload Many students don’t read it at all. The homework system is no help it’s the same feedback […]

Getting started with Clipflair: Hercules SDH

Hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial on how to subtitle videos using Clipflair. All files produced by the Clipflair platform have the extension .CLIPFLAIR and can only be opened through the platform, not with any programme in your computer. Also, the use of Firefox as a web browser is recommended because it works better […]

Master Software Engineering and Management

Hey smart cookie! Software Engineering and Management is a master’s program created just for you. Here you will learn how to mastermind software projects all over the world. And why is it so special to you? My name is Tabata Pérez Rentería, I come from Mexico and I’m an alumnus of the master program of […]

Working at Google Sydney – Adam: Software Engineer

When I originally applied for a job as a software engineer at Google, there was no Sydney engineering office. And while I was trying to organize interviews to apply for a position at the headquarters, I got this phone call from a man who I found out later was the creator of Google Maps. And […]

AI Student Developer Kits | AI News | Intel Software

Hi, I’m David Shaw, and welcome to AI News. In this episode, we look at the new AI Student Kits. You’ll find out what’s included and what you can discover. Find the AI Student Kit’s homepage from the Intel Developers own website. You can learn AI theory, and even follow hands on exercises with three […]

Digesec Hashing Utility: computer / engineering software – tutorial by TechyV

Hi friends, this is Charlie from techyv.com And today we are going to see Hashing utility. So before we start out, I would like you to advice that this software is useful for engineering students. I mean those who are from computer or IT background. Usually the students get this type of example during their […]

Software Engineer (Episode 2)

Today, we’re going deep inside the digital realm to decode the mysterious world of video game programming. Hi, I’m Viviana. I’m James. James, nice to meet you. It’s, like, such a fun place to work! Oh yeah. It’s a big playground over here. What do you get to do here? I’m a software engineer on […]

Free Pascal Program Tutorial 1 – Getting Started – Lazarus Download Link – Mac Windows Linux

SchoolFreeware’s Free Pascal Program Tutorials Tutorial 1 Getting Started. This new tutorial series replaces the Free Pascal Tutorial Series. This new tutorial series includes more examples and topics to better meet the educational requirements of students and teachers working with Pascal. There are two Free Pascal Lazarus Tutorial Series available at SchoolFreeware, at the time […]

MIT’s Office of Engineering Outreach Programs (OEOP)

So you can see how I actually control the plasma is by using magnetic fields. So if you run a current through a wire, it will generate a magnetic field, and that’s one of the beautiful things about electricity and magnetism. [MUSIC PLAYING] MITES is a summer program for rising seniors. It’s here at MIT, […]

How to Get a Job as a Python Developer in 2019

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