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Our Team – Software Developers

I make games because it’s a fun It is interesting I like to play games as well to make them We are fully engaged in developing our game It is hard to foresee outcomes of complex system’s interactions When we don’t succeed, one has always be prepared for setbacks, to have to come back to […]

ZX-TEAM Meeting Mahlerts 2016

Rhön-Haus Mahlerts, Germany ZX81, no not a Sinclair but a TESLA A Sinclair ZX81 as car door opener, key code 42 (what else?) Pull the plug? TESLA Model S P85D Enter ZX-TEAM Meeting No. 20 Saturday March 12th 2016, 18:18 late afternoon First things to pick up More things to pick up (ZX81, Z88 and […]

Scrum in Axon Active – Offshore Software Development Company

Scrum is a framework that helps people to work on complex adaptive problems and delivers products with the highest possible value How we can use Scrum in Offshore Software Development The Development team should have a size from 5 to 9 people and they take care to “build the things right” We need a Scrum […]

Kelly Shift Schedule | Employee Scheduling Software

Welcome In this video I will show you how the Kelly shift schedule software works The Kelly schedule provides 24/7 coverage. It includes three teams and three shifts, 24 hours each. It’s a 9-day cycle where assigned team works 24 hours shift, then they get 24 hours off. Then the team work 24 hours shift […]

Software Entwickler (w/m/d)

I work at OMICRON as a software developer for Primary Test Manager. That’s a software suite that can be used to operate most of OMICRONs primary devices. That means perform measurements, data analysis, reporting and so on. The team consists of approximately 25 developers and a quality assurance team of 15 people. And we’re also […]

The Definition of Ready – Agile Software Development

Hi, my name is Chris Gagne, and I’m an agile coach and today. I’m going to talk about the definition of ready The definition of ready is a documented team agreement. It defines the conditions that must be met for a product backlog item to be considered ready to work on by the team It’s […]

Easy Firmware 3rd anniversary Thanks for your trust ❤ الذكرى الثالثة لانطلاق موقع ايزي فيرموير

Easy Firmware Years have passed and the mobile world has evolved to become faster than ever before It was necessary to have those who keep pace with that speed it is the beginning of an Arab team entering the arena to take that task on his shoulders. It is the team of Easy Firmware starters […]

Employee Spotlight: Shashank Sharma, Software Developer

Every step brings in new challenges, and there’s always a scope for learning and improvement. For my fellow Optymers, I would like to say always believe in yourself and have a positive attitude. so cheers to HaulPLAN for that! We couldn’t have pulled this without having this amazing team, at the “Core Value” Video Competition. […]

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