Tutorial Krita – How I animate in Krita

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel in this video I’m gonna be showing you how I animate in Krita. Something that I usually do before I start animating is .. decide what I’m gonna animate first. For this video I’m gonna be animating an eye moving. Next what I do is .. I […]

Learn Linux: Good Idea Or Not? (2018 & Beyond)

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from simpleprogrammer.com. Tired of pushy recruiters sending you LinkedIn requests for jobs you have no interest in? Tired of blasting out resumes into the dark? If so, you should check out Hired.com. Hired.com flips job searching on its head by having top employers like Facebook come to you after […]

How to crash an airplane – Nickolas Means | The Lead Developer UK 2016

so good afternoon everybody hope you’ve enjoyed the first day of lead dev I know I certainly have it’s quite the honor to be able to share this stage with so many amazing speakers so thank you to the organizers and to Mary the committee chair and all the speakers with President to us today […]

Decorated Wrappers – Design of Computer Programs

So here’s an idea. Let’s get rid of this line, and instead, let’s declare that n_ary is a decorator. We’ll write a definition of what it means to be a decorator in terms of updating wrappers. Then we’ll be done, and we’ve done it once and for all. We can apply it to n_ary, and […]

Calculating Costs – Design of Computer Programs

Now, we got rid of the times in the successor function, so we’ve got to put them back in someplace. I’m going to generalize a little bit, and instead of talking about times, I’m going to talk about costs for a path. I’m just thinking of maybe we might want to do some other problems […]

Antivirus with Todd A. White

>>Todd: I’m Todd White from ProServ Software and Support, and today we’re gonna take a moment to Talk Tech. This episode is “antivirus”. [music introduction] Okay, I’m always asked about being protected online. The producer of this show thought it’d be a good idea to bring up antivirus, and what would happen if she had […]

Creating with Data | LinkedIn Software Engineer | Omayeli Arenyeka

thank you so much for having me as we said in my bio I’m the engineer at LinkedIn I work on a design systems team but I would like to think that is the least interesting thing about me so we’re not gonna talk about that today outside of work I consider myself an artist […]

Mentoring Junior Engineers @ Slack HQ – Carly Robinson | The Lead Developer UK 2017

[Applause] CARLY: It is the first time. Thank you all for coming today. I’m going to be talking about – and thank you for the introduction, Meri. I’m going to be talking today about mentoring junior engineers, and it wasn’t too long ago that I was – that I almost just above a junior engineer, […]

LastPass FULL TUTORIAL Password Manager

Hey, folks! Today I’m going to be doing a class on a topic that I know is a major headache for a lot of people out there. Today we’re going to be talking about password management, and the solution that I’m going to recommend to all of you today is a piece of software called […]

The amazing PowerApps developer for Autoglass

Belron are the world leaders in repair and replacement of automotive glass, operating out of 37 countries worldwide employing around about thirty thousand. Here in the UK, you know us as Autoglass. We employ around 2,500 people. The biggest market we have is the US and in the US, you’ll know us as Safelite. So […]

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