USENIX Enigma 2016 – What Makes Software Exploitation Hard?

HAWKES: Hi. My name is Ben Hawkes. And I’m a member of Project Zero. This talk is about software exploitation, what makes software exploitation hard, and why does it even matter? About 18 months ago, a group of security engineers at Google formed Project Zero with the stated mission to make 0day hard, to make […]

#18d Updating Firmware to GRBL V1.1 #18b / Phoenix CNC Controller

Ok I’ve just complied and uploaded the original firmware that I was using on my cnc machine – and that was 0.9j. I’ll just open the config.h file in the library. So the thing that I’ve changed in this config file are line 112, 254, 255, 261, 271 and I’ll write those down in the […]

📱 Getting Clients For Your Software Company

Hey this is the daily overpass my name is Eric and I make apps. Now today let’s talk about getting clients for your software company. Okay so today I want to answer a question that came in last week from Aireec Joseph who says ” Hi Eric my name is Aireec, sounds similar” yeah but […]

Flashing T.VST59.031 LCD controller board firmware

This is the T.VST.59.031 lcd controller and I’ll be connecting it to an old laptop screen that I want to convert into a TV. Mine uses the V29 chip, and the seller says I need a LAMV29.bin file. I tried that and it didn’t work but I searched around and found this: seems some v29 […]

TOP 10 Programming Languages To Learn For 2017 (& Beyond)

Hey, what’s up, John Sonmez from I thought I would do a video about what programming language should I learn in 2016. This will probably carry over to 2017 since we’re more than halfway through 2016. I’ve had this on my board thinking about making this video, but you know, hopefully you still find […]

Back Of The Envelope Solution – Design of Computer Programs

[Norvig] And the answer is 20 billion. How do you do that back of the envelope? 5 factorial is 120. Let’s just round that off to 100. 100 to the 5th–that’s 5 times 2–is 10 digits, so that works out to 10 billion. And we rounded down to get from 120 to 100, so we […]

Compiling – Design of Computer Programs

Let’s quickly summarize how a language interpreter works. For regular expressions we have patterns like a or b plus, which define languages. A language is a set of strings like {a, b, ab, ba, …} and so on, defined by that pattern. Then we have interpreters like matchset, which in this case takes a pattern […]

How to install a firmware update on your Jinbei Flash head

To use your new TR-Q7 trigger you need to upgrade the firmware in your head. HD 610 HD601 HD400 Mars or MSN. Hit any of the jimbe later heads you need to download the firmware from goldenshell or from the PROtog site .We’ll include a link on the video and have that ready to go. […]

Boggle – Design of Computer Programs

This homework is to play the word game Boggle. Now, Boggle is played with a set of letters that are arranged into an n x n grid–here 4 x 4– but you should accept other size as well, and your task is to find all the words that can be found in this grid. Now, […]

Meet Peter, Software Developer at FOSS

My name is Peter Brøndum – and I’m a software developer in a newly formed – business unit called FOSS Digital Services. We’re currently three developers, soon to be five. Then we are one product owner and one tester. We start out every day with a daily meeting, where we discuss – what we did […]

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