How to quickly connect to a Linux VM with SSH | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>See how you could quickly connect to a Linux VM with SSH In this edition of Azure Tips and Tricks. If you have Linux VMs that are running inside of Microsoft Azure, let me show you how you could quickly establish an SSH connection. I would select this Ubuntu Linux VM that I have running. […]

Las 7 herramientas de H4cking más utilizadas en Kali Linux

Today we’ll talk about the 7 most used hacking tools in Kali Linux. Wisers, it’s a pleasure to be here with you all once again. If you’ve been following the channel for a while, you may have noticed that Youtube has been deleting some of my videos. Episodes such as “Hacking Facebook from a Starbucks”, […]

LPC2019 – KUnit – Unit Testing for the Linux Kernel

All right. Uh, next up is, uh, Brendan Higgins, who’s going to be talking about KUnit. Yep. Um, present. Uh, yeah. So as Ted said, my name is Brendan. I work in Google. I used to work on server, bring up at Google. And I also used to work on open BMC if anybody knows […]

How robot writers could change the internet

A mildly fun thing to do when you’re bored is start the beginning of a text message, and then use only the suggested words to finish it. “In five years I will see you in the morning and then you can get it.” The technology behind these text predictions is called a “language model”: a […]

The Cost of Code Switching | Chandra Arthur | TEDxOrlando

Translator: Robert Tucker Reviewer: Zsófia Herczeg Three years ago, after moving back from Berlin, I had an experience with local law enforcement. I was living in an old family house at the time but without a car, so typically, even when I was home, there would be no car out front. One afternoon, as I […]

How do computers and the internet work? – Computer Science Basics

Hi, I’m Brianna from free code camp and today we’re going to talk about the basics of computer hardware computers are made up of four basic parts the Input/output CPU and memory the input is what you’re putting into the computer. Think about mouse keyboard Microphone. Anyway, you’re giving data into the computer the output […]

Getting Started with Python in Visual Studio Code

>>On today’s Visual Studio toolbox Tyrique is going to show us how to get started with Python development using Visual Studio Code. [MUSIC]>>Hi, welcome to Visual Studio Toolbox. I’m your host Robert Green and joining me today is Tyrique White. Hey Tyrique.>>Hi Robert, thanks for having me.>>Thanks for being on the show.>>Yeah, I’m Tyrique White […]

Data and Medicine

Data and Medicine This is really a magic era for software. We can use computers now to simulate so many different things. So every person has a DNA sequence that’s 3 billion letters long. That’s a really long sequence! And in order for me to study it, I can’t do it by hand. I need […]

Cracking the Uncrackable Code

(bongo music) – [Narrator] This is a story about a puzzle called Kryptos and one woman who’s spent almost two decades trying to solve it. (upbeat music) (comical music) In the heart of the CIA headquarters lies a mystery. OK, probably more than one mystery, but, this one is weird because it’s meant to be […]

The mind behind Linux | Linus Torvalds

Chris Anderson: This is such a strange thing. Your software, Linux, is in millions of computers, it probably powers much of the Internet. And I think that there are, like, a billion and a half active Android devices out there. Your software is in every single one of them. It’s kind of amazing. You must […]

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