Drupal 8 User Guide: 3.6. Downloading the Core Software Manually

Downloading the Core Software Manually with Joe Shindelar Learn how to manually download the core software or a distribution from drupal.org. By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to download the core software or a distribution, and prepare it to be installed without using any special tooling. Before you get started with […]

Developer Student Clubs Leaders Summit – Goa 2018

[MUSIC PLAYING] DEEPAK SRIDHAR: Developer Student Clubs program was launched in the middle of 2017 to ensure that students are able to learn how to explore the power of mobile in so many different ways. Welcome to the first-ever DSC summit from across the globe. We on-boarded 176 leads and then expanded to 119 student […]

CAP Webinar – Requesting Software and Training

Redeait Teferra: Welcome to CAP’s webinar on requesting software and training from CAP. My name is Redeait Teferra and with me today is Sydney Bryan. Sydney Bryan: Hello, everyone. Redeait: Today we will be discussing the process of requesting software from CAP, as well as how to request upgrades and training for assistive technology software […]

Intel® Speech Enabling Developer Kit | IoT Developer Show | Intel Software

– Hello, welcome to the IOT Developer Show. Today our guest is Siva Jeghathan from Intel. He’s been on the Intel Software Channel before talking about the Intel Speech Enabling Developer Kit. And today we’re going to talk a little bit more in-depth about the board and get a better understanding of how it all […]

How to Manage Data Plane and Control Plane Synchronization | Intel Software

Hi, I’m MJay from Intel. In this video, you will learn how avoid field outages and issues that can arise from your conflict of resource usage between SDN and NFV. How can you do this? The answer is effectively managing data plane and control plane synchronization. I’ll explain how you can make design decisions that’ll […]

Retail Reference Implementations | IOT Developer Show | Season 3 | Intel Software

Hello. My name is Martin Kronberg. And this is the IOT Developer Show season three. In this episode, we learn about the reference implementations Intel created in the retail space and take a closer look at the Store Traffic Monitor, a retail solution for, you guessed it, monitoring traffic in a store. Retail stores are […]

Intel Software Innovator Program | IoT Developer Show | Intel Software

Hello. I’m Martin Kronberg, and this is the IOT developer show. We have a little bit of a different show for you guys today. In this episode, we’re going to talk with Kim Karalekas, a program manager here at Intel. And she’s going to discuss the IOT track of the Intel software innovator program, and […]

Overview of Arlo – Software for Training Providers

Arlo transforms your training business. It’s software that helps you promote, sell and deliver courses. With its smart automation, you can say goodbye to repetitive tasks and hello to business growth. Arlo helps your whole team reach their goals. It takes care of your admin tasks with ease. Making rescheduling courses, finding the right presenter, […]

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