The TOP 1 LINUX DISTROS for 2019!!! 🖐😮🖐

In this video, at the request of subscribers I have finally decided to throw in my hat as to what the *best* Linux distro is. I’ve thought about it for quite a while, And I’m going to tell you what I think the best Linux distro is, all things considered.. but also, the *easiest* Linux […]

Installing software with Lansweeper 5.2

Hello and welcome to this lansweeper 5.2 tutorial. Lansweeper 5.2 is the next major update of our network management software and will officially be released in the very near future a beta is available on our website at so feel free to update now and follow along with this tutorial 5.2s important new feature […]

Yi 4K Action Cam novità firmware [1.9.0 – 1.10.7] e companion app

How to check the firmware version on your Sony Blu-ray Disc™Player that does not have internet

hi I’m Todd from Sony and I’m here to show you how to check the firmware version on your Sony Blu-Ray disc player the reason you want to check the firmware version is to make sure you have the most current functionality and features available for your product for my demonstration I’m using the BDP-S300 […]

Teenagent Review

Gopro Hero 5 Black: Firmware Update LATEST!

Connect your GoPro to a computer Then open Quik app You can always update firmware using camera settings You have to fully charge your camera before update it! After charging your camera, power on to finish updating. After that update will be finished! Thanks for watching!

Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera Firmware Update

Hello hello in the next episode, and in this episode we will update the camera Black Magic Micro Cinema Camera So the camera you see here It is a very small camera, we will see the camera without a frame and I will tell you exactly what will happen here Recently, Black Magic has released […]

Mengatasi update Firmware silhouette yang gagal – HOW TO FIXED CAMEO 3 WHEN FAILED UPDATED FIRMWARE

this is the machine the condition is freeze maybe when update firmware failed Never happen before so When I plug , turn on plug the cable still moving moving but not ON So I just got the solution so push THE POWER BUTTON and HOLD Like when update firmware HOLD POWER Button together with plug […]

Download and install a Remote Software Upgrade with the BMW Connected App – BMW How-To

Remote Software Upgrades for your BMW are also available via the BMW Connected App. To save time, you can download the upgrade package through the app over WiFi and afterwards upload it to your vehicle. With a push notification, your BMW Connected app informs you when a new software upgrade for your BMW is available. […]

Updating the Firmware | HP Latex 300 Printer | HP

The various printer functions are controlled by software known as firmware. From time to time, HP firmware updates become available. These updates increase the printer’s functionality and enhance its features. This video shows you how to update the firmware in the HP Latex 300 series printers. There are different processes to upgrade printer firmware. If […]

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