FRsky Taranis X9 Lite – Firmware Upgrade (Opentx, ISRM, PMU, D16)

Hello everyone, I am Mirko and today we see how to update Taranis X9 Lite firmware. First of all I remind you that in the Taranis there are two main Firmware. The first is the internal module of the radio, which we can consider as the bios of a PC. The second firmware is OpenTX […]

DJI – Spark Tutorials – Updating Firmware

Hey, I’m Ty, and you’re watching the DJI Spark Tutorial Video Series. In this video we’ll show you how to update Spark’s aircraft and remote controller firmware. Now as long as a network connection is available and you’ve connected Spark and the remote controller in the past, the DJI Go 4 app will automatically search […]

How to Update the GoPro Firmware with the Capture App

Hi, this is Rob. I am going to show you how to update the firmware on the GoPro. By using the GoPro Capture App. You are going to need your smartphone, the GoPro Capture App on your phone and the GoPro that you want to update. I’m using the GoPro Hero 5 Black. The first […]

MiuiPro 9.11.7

Added by MIUIPro team: – New items in the settings – Security Status – Privacy – Location – Show unread notifications on the lock screen – A-GPS settings for Android 10 Updated: – Version of Google Play Services – Location of elements in seekbar in the settings of SIM cards – Version of the Keyboard […]

How to safely update Nintendo Switch Firmware 9.0.0 and SX OS 2.9 manually using Choidujournx

Hey guys! This is UrbaxPH and for this today’s video I will be teaching you how to update the firmware into version 9.0.0 And we will also update the SX OS into Version 2.9 So please watch this video guys because there’s a bricking problem with ChoidujourNX. LETWATCH! So this is what we need: Let’s […]

Bose Lifestyle 650 – Software Updates

Your Bose Lifestyle system will periodically receive software updates as long as the console is connected to your network. If the console is not connected to the internet, your system will not be updated. Although the console will download the software automatically in the background during normal usage, the update will not install until the […]

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