How to Get a Job as a Python Developer in 2019

How we build software.

(man) Welcome to MNA Hackathon! (applause and cheers) Can I join your team? Have a seat! Thank you. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ (drone whirring) Let’s try full rez this time! Two gigs per second? Sure! (car starting) What do you think? The stitching looks great! We didn’t write it. We just pulled the latest changes. […]

What is GitHub?

What is GitHub? Well, GitHub is a platform that helps people solve problems by building software together. So, how does it work? This is Sam. Sam works on tractors all day, but not in the way you might be thinking. She builds the software that helps make tractors more efficient. And she does this on […]

Getting Started with GitHub

Okay, you signed up for GitHub. What do you do now? You have a lot of options, and that can be overwhelming. GitHub is a powerful platform for software development, but at its heart, it’s about empowering people like you by helping you learn new skills from other developers, build the software that matters to […]

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