Always Look a Gift (Trojan) Horse In the Mouth with James Arndt | Hackers of CypherCon

Well alrighty. Thank you everybody for coming and hang out for this two o’clock session here. Welcome to always… ‘Always Look a Gift Trojan Horse in the Mouth’. And it just might be the case that the king of Troy should have you know, been a bit more careful with his security awareness training. But […]

Open World Design – How to Build Open World Games – Extra Credits

A few weeks back, James was sitting down to dinner with a few of his designer friends, and they got to talking about an open-world game one of them was working on. As they talked they ended up discussing how they each conceptualized open-world design. Today, we’re going to go over the same problem, because […]

LGR – Snowboard Santa – PC Game Review

[electronic version of “Little Drummer Boy”] [fizz, sip] Aahhh! [typing] So today’s game… I have no idea how I got it. Seriously, it just showed up in my download folder one day. I swear, I had never heard of it, much less sought it out. And yet, here it is! Presumably because I was trying […]

LGR – Lode Runner Online: Mad Monks’ Revenge – PC Game Review

[Eastern music] [typing] In 1983, Doug Smith’s Lode Runner was released by Brøderbund Software for the Apple II. In Lode Runner, you played a stick figure running away from other stick figures, navigating the platforms, shooting holes into the ground and trying to collect gold without getting caught. It also is one of the first […]

“Starbucks to Software Developer in 12 Weeks” Web Developer Bootcamp Student Spotlight: David V.

before the bootcamp I was working part time Starbucks part-time UK and Human Resources just doing basic data entry and then messing around with some computer code stuff on the side one of the main reasons I applied for the boot camp because my wife told me to no she was actually just really encouraged […]

History of Lobotomy Software: Finally Exhumed

Many of us have a particular favorite developer or maybe even publishing house, though more likely an individual designer, and we tend to acknowledge them because they did something great that really stood out as being something unique and spectacular (well most of the time anyway) Though most games generally fall into obscurity, throughout history […]

How to make a Video Game in Unity – BASICS (E01)

So here’s the step by step guide on getting started with your first video game. What you see on the screen now is what we’re going to be making through this miniseries. It’s really simple and Arcad(ey) but it’s always easy to add more gameplay elements and cooler graphics at a later point. Right now, […]

LGR – King Arthur’s KORT – DOS PC Game Review

[typing] So, as I’ve been playing through my game collection recently, as I am prone to do, I started realizing that there is a bit of a pattern as far as certain types of games that for some reason, whenever I come across them, they always click. Something in my brain just can’t resist this […]

How to make a 2D Game in Unity

So, a question we get asked a lot is how to make a 2D game? Of course, this is a huge question to answer. But, hopefully, this video should help point you in the right direction. And this is actually filmed on our brand-new video camera. So, I hope the quality is all right. Apparently, […]

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