Edward Norton Does His Impression of Alec Baldwin’s Method Acting

-And I got this cast. Alec Baldwin and Willem Dafoe, Bruce Willis. -Bruce Willis, Willem Dafoe is great. -Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who’s this wonderful, amazing actress. -She’s great. -And Bobby Cannavale. -How was Alec? -Alec is an animal. He is, as everybody knows. -He’s a beast. -He’s a beast. But the thing is, like, over in […]

Video Editing Software for Windows 7 2019

Hi there! In this video, I am going to show you how to use video editing software for Windows 7 to create custom videos in minutes. Creating a video in minutes from the comfort of your home is possible by using Wondershare Video Editor. This software was designed for the video editing novice to make […]

Replacing text & images with the Google Slides API (The G Suite Dev Show)

[MUSIC PLAYING] WESLEY CHUN: Hi, this is Wesley Chun, engineer at Google, and happy to introduce you to the Google Slides API. It’s new. We’ve never had an API for slides before. Isn’t that exciting? With the API, developers can write apps that create or update slide presentations. What does that really mean? Well, there […]

5 THINGS: on The Truth About Video Editing Software in Hollywood (ep 213) Avid, Premiere, FCP + more

On this episode of 5 THINGS, I’ll tackle the uber common question of “What video editing software should I learn?” by sharing the truth about video editing software here in Hollywood. Who uses what? Why do they use it? And for how long? Buckle up! Hello and welcome to another episode of 5 things – […]

How to Make Explainer Video Animation [Step by Step | Beginner Friendly]

Hey this is Eduard Stinga from VideoPlasty and welcome to this tutorial where you will learn how to create animated explainer videos or sales videos really fast, really easy, with little to no experience required and with a really, really low budget. And for this particular tutorial, I will also make the video assets available […]

Eken H9 Firmware Update – How to (GERMAN/Eng SUB)

Hello and Welcome to Suhlmann Today we wanna talk about the newest Firmware Update for the Eken H9. What you have to do and on which points you have to pay attention will be covered in this video! First, turn the camera on and select the settings. Scroll down until you find “Version”. Now you […]

FREE Video Editing Software: Green Screen (Chroma Key), Movement, & Zoom Tutorial

Initial Placement. Move cursor to where you wish effect to start. Then open your green screen effect video file. Select “From Cursor Position” to start the video where you have set the cursor. Place the video on the work mat by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse to size the video […]

How to install picasa 3 software | Picasa 3 software installation guide

This video contains that how to install Picasa 3 picture editor software into the computer. In this video there is a guideline and tutorial of this. Let’s check out.

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