Fully Automated UV Unwrapping for Arbitrary Meshes | SIGGRAPH 2018 | Intel Software

My name is Eskil Steenberg, and I’m here at SIGGRAPH 2018, in the Intel booth, showing my fully automated UV Unwrapping software. This software can take any model and unwrap it so that you can put a texture on it. This saves countless hours for 3D artists who do this every day. A normal artist […]

Introducing Volumation | Capture and Process Volumetric Assets | SIGGRAPH 2018 | Intel Software

Hi, I’m Alex Porter, CEO of Underminer Studios. We’re here at the SIGGRAPH Garage with our product, Volumation, a 3D capture and processing solution for volumetric assets. Volumetric capture offers an opportunity for real world assets, objects, and people to be put into digital formats. We’re humanizing the digital world. Volumation is a product that […]

The Visual Cloud Conference at IBC! | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and this is IDZ Weekly. Intel has partnered with IBC to deliver the first ever Visual Cloud Conference as part of this year’s international broadcasting conference lineup on September 13 in Amsterdam. The Visual Cloud Conference will include talks and panel sessions presented by experts from leading service providers, content creators, system […]

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