ZX-TEAM Meeting Mahlerts 2016

Rhön-Haus Mahlerts, Germany ZX81, no not a Sinclair but a TESLA A Sinclair ZX81 as car door opener, key code 42 (what else?) Pull the plug? TESLA Model S P85D Enter ZX-TEAM Meeting No. 20 Saturday March 12th 2016, 18:18 late afternoon First things to pick up More things to pick up (ZX81, Z88 and […]

Avira Password Manager: Makes your digital life easier

We are surrounded by passwords. Everything is an account. Register, log in, log out, password too long, too short, not secure enough. So frustrating! Most of us give up and take shortcuts: We start using the same password for everything. We make them shorter. We write them down on paper. Still, we end up forgetting […]

A Breakdown of Shadows Die Twice [New Game by FROM Software]

From software’s new project, shadows die twice They’ve given us 13 seconds of footage to work with but in a way the less there is, the more there is to talk about. For example, have you noticed the Japanese script in the background or the oriental instruments? What about those shavings in the corners or […]

Upgrading Display Firmware

Hi, this is Teresa from Ag Leader. In this video we will cover: How to download new firmware and update your Ag Leader display. Display firmware upgrades are released throughout the year. It is important to keep display firmware current so you have access to the newest features, experience fewer display issues, and have an […]

A Breakdown of Elden Ring [New Game by From Software] ► E3 2019

From software’s new game is open-world There will be significant RPG elements its allegedly the largest project today’s and It’s called Elden ring Elden rings development started just as development for Dark Souls 3 DLC ended As of today that’s more than 2 years of development. And while we don’t have a release date for […]

Upgrading Firmware on InCommand® Displays

In this video, we will go through the process of upgrading the firmware on the InCommand display. Keeping your InCommand display up to date will make sure you have all the latest features and enhancements to get the most of your Ag Leader investment. To begin the upgrade process, we will begin on the computer […]

20 freeware adventure games worth playing

Samorost (Amanita Design) Bow Street Runner (Little Loud) Reactor 09 (Bernie) Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! (Alasdair “Ali” Beckett) Process (TrainYard) Back to the Cubeture (Edible Castle) Gretel & Hansel (Makopudding) The Curfew (Little Loud) Cedric and the Revolution (Bernie) Ben There, Dan That! (Zombie Cow Studios) Trial of the Schnellersparrow (Pinback) Knightsquire (Buloght) Dirty Split […]

Bloodborne’s Story ► Explained!

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” -H.P. Lovecraft Our eyes are yet to open… Fear the old blood. These were the words spoken between Master Willem and Laurence. From the cautious teacher to the ambitious student Fear what you […]

How To Record Video Games with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Today, someone from the Video Creators community is going to walk you guys through how to use the open broadcast software, how to set it all up so you can record your screen– your video game footage or whatever you’re doing on your computer– along with your microphone, and a little square of you from […]

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