POW Soldier Who Blinked “TORTURE” in Morse Code on TV

Imagine – you are a prisoner of war. Your plane was shot down, and you have been held for so long that the days and nights begin to blur together. You’re kept in a small cell in solitary confinement, and the only times you see the sun are when you’re taken out to be beaten […]

Julian Assange latest: WikiLeaks software developer ARRESTED trying to flee Ecuador

Julian Assange news: Software developer connected to WikiLeaks ARRESTED in Ecuador (Image: EXPRESS) According to Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo the targeted individual had been heading to Japan  The identity of the individual who was arrested has not been officially confirmed  However journalist Vijay Prashad identified them as Ola Bini, a software developer  He tweeted: “Today […]

UnThreat Antivirus v3.5 – Teste Preventivo (Proactive Test)

Hello everybody! You are all so welcome to another review!   I got a request and today we are going to test UnThreat Antivirus Professional   That is the version 3.5   It is an antivirus developed by a company named AVSoftware   Based in Bulgaria   This company started its operations in 1995   […]

Co-op and Careers in Software Engineering @ RIT

[ Music ]>>We basically get to take a quarter or two off, and we go into industry and work in our field.>>I co-oped at Citrix Systems.>>The Walt Disney Company.>>Electronic Arts.>>I worked at Google.>>Goodrich Aerospace.>>Oracle Systems.>>Microsoft.>>Vicarious Visions in Albany, New York.>>I was working on YouTube.>>I worked at Microsoft.>>IBM in Durham, North Carolina.>>One of the things that […]

Meet Mahesh Rao – Nashville Software School Graduate

Before NSS, I was a biological researcher and now I’m a data scientist. Before NSS I was doing research, completely no programming or anything data science wise. I was studying zebrafish and how they’re able to regenerate their retinas. And then I did, I pretty much continued that the entire time I was doing research. […]

Surfcasting ROBALOS AO FUNDO Pesca de noite na praia 1º PARTE Portugal

Éláááááá !!! THATS IS A FISH ON!!! Ehehexxx i Just fell !! Just fell!! I already hooked a little spotted seabass Good! Must be almost 1 kilo (700gr) So buddy How are you, are you here today ?! I’m here every day Are you ok? Im fine! Shake hands I was at home pacing around, […]

ANIMATION TEST of the Anime Rig made in Cartoon Animator 4

Hello! Welcome to Home Décor We have decorations for your wonderful evening, we even have… agh… What was it? Oh yeah! It was… it was… was it Daimonji Yaki…? No no no! It’s dining decoratios for dining rooms! Oh yeah! A dining decoration for dining rooms. We have them in stock! You can find them […]

Interview with Jasmine Greenaway, Cloud Developer Advocate on .NET

[MUSIC] Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of Gals. Today I have with me Jasmine Greenaway.>>Hello.>>Jasmine, what do you do here at Microsoft?>>I’m a cloud developer advocate.>>So I feel like I’ve had a lot of cloud developer advocates, and it’s because, like 50% of our group is women. In tech, which is really rare and […]

Avast Free Antivirus v5.1.807 (beta) – Teste Preventivo

Hello everybody! Today we are going to test Avast Free Antivirus Version 5.1.807 That is a beta release Link to download this version was gently sent to me by one person who follow me on YouTube I have previously installed the software I kept the default settings And as always, nothing has been changed Let’s […]

Therac 25 – Software Testing

So now we’re going to look at kind of an extreme example of timing-dependent input being difficult to deal with. In the 1980s, there was a machine called a Therac-25. And what the Therac-25 was was a radiation therapy machine, and it was used to deliver a highly concentrated beam of radiation to a part […]

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