OFFICIAL JAILBREAK: KAIOS / Nokia 8110 4G (WhatsApp on firmware 13 and KaiOS 2.5) – BANANAHACKERS

Search on Google the word “BANANAHACKERS” and just click on the first result: “BananaHackers.NET – Google Sites” From the homepage are available the links for the Jailbreak methods But the only safe method that saves the future updates is the theme of this guide This is the jailbreak process for Nokia 8110 4G which allows […]

FilterCopy | Stuff Software Engineers Are Tired Of Hearing | Ft. Gulshan Devaiah)

Son! Repair the tv remote, please? Repair the blender too! Mum, I’m a Computer Engineer! Not an electrician! So what? This is Aggarwal… our Lead Developer. And he’ll be available on call 24/7 Won’t you Aggarwal? Say YES! Yes. He knows a lot of languages. Aggarwal…GO! C C++ Java Ruby Python… What about Front-End? He’s […]

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