UnThreat Antivirus v3.5 – Teste Preventivo (Proactive Test)

Hello everybody! You are all so welcome to another review!   I got a request and today we are going to test UnThreat Antivirus Professional   That is the version 3.5   It is an antivirus developed by a company named AVSoftware   Based in Bulgaria   This company started its operations in 1995   […]

How to install bitdefender a great free antivirus software software (Installation guide)

Bit defender total security 2019 free software download it from description link of get into pc site it is of two varient one is 32 bit and another is of 64 bit download which one is supported in your pc or laptop see my laptop’s configuration extract the file of downloaded bit defender and extract […]

How to Upgrade SONOFF WiFi Switch Firmware (Basic, POW, TH16, RF)

Open the eWeLink App If there is any Update available, it will show on the top If there is any Update available, it will show on the top You can still operate the Switch without upgrade Click the 3 Dot button to enter settings menu Go to Settings menu before that, lets check the device […]

Shiva Ka Insaaf – Jackie Shroff | Poonam Dhillon – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Greetings Lawyer sir. – Greetings. Ramu uncle, did you see my Bholu anywhere? No lawyer sir, l haven’t. You haven’t? Then where is he? Bholu, son Bholu. Did you see? Bhola hasn’t returned yet, has he? All this is due to your pampering. Whenever l scold him, you hide him in your lawyer coat.. Your […]

Беспроводной светильник из эпоксидной смолы и шпона !!! How Making epoxy and wood lamp.

Hello everyone friends! Today I will do designer lamp own design, who follows the channel Remember that I already made a similar lamp, but today will be advanced version. Who has not seen, I will leave a link in the description under the video on previous lamp. It will be a night lamp dim light. […]

Computer Software & Setup : How to Defrag a Computer

Hi, I’m Robert and today I’m going to show you how to defrag a computer. Windows XP is a trademark of Microsoft and I am not in anyway affiliated with Microsoft. To defrag a computer, go to start, my computer, right click on my computer. Go to manage. Under storage, there’s a disk defragmenter selection. […]

PSoC 4 BLE 101: 2. Complete the Find Me Application with Firmware

PSoC BLE 101: #3 Finishing the Find Me Application with Firmware Hello, my name is Alan Hawse. I’m Vice President of Technical Staff for Solutions and Software at Cypress Semiconductor. In the last lesson we did the first half of a Find Me application. First we created a new PSoC4 BLE design and then we […]

Quick Tip: How to Compile a Basic Time-lapse Using Free Software on Windows: Virtual Dub

[Music] virtualdub is a simple free piece of software that makes compiling time lapses on Windows easy with the possibility of creating for and a que time lapses first you will need to download the two files linked in the description below I’m going to download and install the xsplit codecs first clicking next to […]

How to disable windows update notification in avast node32 antivirus 9

Hey, Today I gonna show you how to disable windows update notification in your node32 anti-virus Open your node32 antivirus from system tray Click on F5 from your keyboard Click on Tool In the right side you will see Microsoft windows update Here you will get drop-down menu with some options Choose your desired Option […]

Scrum in Axon Active – Offshore Software Development Company

Scrum is a framework that helps people to work on complex adaptive problems and delivers products with the highest possible value How we can use Scrum in Offshore Software Development The Development team should have a size from 5 to 9 people and they take care to “build the things right” We need a Scrum […]

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