Baxon Solutions – Private Equity Software

How do you collect and manage the data from your portfolio companies? We know the portfolio monitoring process can get complicated. Portfolio Companies provide the financial and operational data to the General Partners. It then gets re-keyed or linked, reviewed, corrected, approved and reported internally and to LP’s. But who made the last changes? Which […]

Quha Dwell – a complete computer access software with Instant Dwell

Quha proudly presents Quha Dwell – a complete computer access software with Instant Dwell. With the unique Instant Dwell feature computer usage is now faster more comfortable and ergonomic compared to any current dwell control software. With Quha Dwell you can easily control all the functions of your computer, switch between applications, copy-paste and scroll. […]

The Expert: Progress Meeting (Short Comedy Sketch)

So I’m happy to report we have succeeded in rerouting our flagships. Way ahead of schedule, yet again. This has allowed us to improve our USPs by 90%. That’s 9 out of every 10! Excellent, thank you Samuel. Timothy, what’s the status with the Linear Solutions? Could you give us the latest on the Square […]

Top 20 BEST Indie Games of the Decade You Should Own

With the decade wrapping up, it’s time to take a look at some of the best indie games of the past 10 years. Welcome to Get Indie Gaming and let’s get cracking into the top 20 indie games of the past 10 years Let’s begin at number 20 with Undertale. First out in September 2015 […]


Comes with Vendor and PurchaseManagement Information at your finger tips! Design innovation! Create the IMPACT! Satisfaction guaranteed! Now comes with a Money Back Guarantee…

Panasonic Lumix G80 G85 – FIRMWARE UPDATE – testing improved stabilisation

hi everyone my name is Marcin Rucinski welcome to my channel this video is about panasonic G80 and this new firmware update which are which I just updated yesterday the link is in the description so you can go to the website and update this camera if you have one, okay i got three lenses […]

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android – 2018 Overview

Trend Micro Mobile Security. Smart device protection and privacy. So you can enjoy your digital life safely. See your status at a glance with Mobile Security’s enhanced main console. Remove apps with security, vulnerability, or privacy concerns using security scan. Detect and block bad apps and malware from Google Play before they’re even installed. Get […]

Jason – Manager, Wireless Software Engineering team

[JASON] When I joined Apple, Bluetooth was a new frontier. It was this nebulous thing that nobody knew anything about. Today, Bluetooth is ubiquitous and it’s in every product under the sun. The AirPods were a culmination of really many, many years of developing and working with Bluetooth and understanding how it worked, what we […]

Canon G7X Mark III Hands-On and Opinion (firmware 1.0.1, Silver)

Today we’re looking at the Canon G7X Mark III. Thanks to Camera Craft in Rockford Illinois for let me try this out at their shop. The G7X Mark III is a small compact camera with a lot of features. Canon did announce there are going to be firmware updates for this camera related to autofocus, […]

Retail Manager to Software Developer

Before I started with Code Institute, I was a retail manager for Iceland food chain. Just before I started with Code Institute, I had my first daughter and I then began to realise that I was working lots, and not home a grand amount. That needed to change. Coding did excite me but I didn’t […]

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