Working at Google Zurich – Sascha: Software Engineer

>>NEWBERG: I wouldn’t really say there is a really big process for fostering innovation. It’s more like a bit the “Hacker Culture”; you see something you think should be fixed, you do it. And what we don’t have, fortunately, so far, is like big committees that make evaluations about prospective projects and then it goes […]

Working at Google Sydney – Adam: Software Engineer

When I originally applied for a job as a software engineer at Google, there was no Sydney engineering office. And while I was trying to organize interviews to apply for a position at the headquarters, I got this phone call from a man who I found out later was the creator of Google Maps. And […]

Working at Google London – Joseph: Software Engineer

When you work on stuff at Google you have the opportunity to completely direct it yourself. It’s the engineers that decide what you are working on, what we are doing, what is important. And so we can decide, hey, what I’m working on is OK, but I think this area is much more important. So […]

Working at Google London – Li-Wee: Software Engineer

Google is a very global brand, and we are in the position to provide services to lots and lots of people and it doesn’t really matter who you are or where you come from, our products are good for everyone. I think that’s a really cool thing about working at Google, because it means that […]

Meet Georgy, Software Developer

Hi, my name is Georgy and for about a year I’ve been a Back-End Developer in mobile sub-department at Being a software developer allows me to be creative and imaginative, however it also allows me to construct Lego technic models which move and react like real-life forklifts. I like that I can apply the […]

Ask a Google Engineer — Work-Life Balance at Google

BEN: Welcome back to Chicago. FITZ: I’m Fitz. BEN: And I’m Ben. FITZ: And we’re here to answer your questions. BEN: What’s the next question, Mr. Fitz? FITZ: Let me check on my gPad right here. You know I’ve got some new apps for this, actually? One’s called a pencil, and the new one’s called– […]

Working at Google Seattle – Amanda: Software Engineer

I work on a project called Google Webmaster Tools. And this project is designed to increase communication between Google and all of the webmasters in the world. Our goal is to give them information about how they’re doing in the Google search results. That is going to help give them ways to improve their sites, […]

Computer Repairs, Networking & Software Installation

DiwizTechnology is the Brain Child of Loquando Alexander Danne; A Born Syrian-Jamaican Computer Software Technician With 10 Years Experience. I am hard working, dependable, reliable, hard working & very professional when it comes to my work!!

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