Yi 4K Action Cam novità firmware [1.9.0 – 1.10.7] e companion app

Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR Dashcam – Setup, firmware update, sample footage

Oh no! Menu is only in chinese but don’t worry. The GearBest product page has English translation. Link is in the video description. Currently 45% off. Only $50.87 AUD. Scroll down to find the menus translated into English. I suggest to use a new app instead of the one shown. Head over to Google Play […]

MiuiPro 9.11.7

Added by MIUIPro team: – New items in the settings – Security Status – Privacy – Location – Show unread notifications on the lock screen – A-GPS settings for Android 10 Updated: – Version of Google Play Services – Location of elements in seekbar in the settings of SIM cards – Version of the Keyboard […]

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K – Come Aggiornare Correttamente il Drone! Firmware Update Tutorial! – GUIDA ITA


Hi friends of di cristo games and welcome to this new video. I am a glass and today I am here to show you How to update. The xiaomi ends at 3 unfortunately since it is a drone without link to a dedicated application cannot be updated automatically so it must be updated manually but […]

Xiaomi m365 electric scooter || Complete walk around

Hello everyone In this video I will go through the specs and features of the Xiaomi m365 electric scooter And in the end I will tell you my modding suggestions for this electric scooter And in the future videos about electric scooters I will compare the Xiaomi m365 pro and the basic model against each […]

Xiaomi Mi TV 2 – Setup and English UI Interface (firmware ver. 1.1.92)

Welcome to J.A.T. (JustAThoughtAh) videos. Firstly Happy New Year 2016. I am very exciting to bring to you this video on my new Mi TV 2 55″. It includes the sound bar and the sub-woofer. The MiTV is not officially sold in Malaysia yet but I manage to purchase this unit from an online e-commerce […]

Xiaomi Yi Firmware Update – Tutorial

Hi, in this video I want to show you how you can update the firmware of your Xiaomi Yi camera without using a phone. The app on your phone should inform you about you about new firmware updates. When using an iPhone and an old firmware version you’ll receive an error message when you tried […]

3.5K Xiaomi Mijia 360° Firmware update | neue software [Ger/Eng/Fra]

You can start, first must be the WLAN connection. We turn the Xiaomi MiJia Cam “ON” For the folds between the two devices, the WLAN must be switched on with the Cam. This is the WiFi (WLAN) switch The LED Blink, it tries to establish the connection. Now is the cam visible in the smartphone! […]

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