How to Install Plugins, and Extensions in Sketchup (software)

Hey design nation! In this session I’m going to teach you the difference between tools, plugins and extensions in Sketchup. And then I’m going to teach you how to find some, and how to install them once you do. I’m just going to start off this by saying that the difference between tools, plugins and […]

Computer Software Tips : How to Keep a PC Running Smoothly

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews, today I’m going to show you a pc running smoothly. Let’s begin by clicking on the start button and going up to computer. This opens up a list of drives that are in your computer. One thing that you can do to make your computer run smoothly is every […]

LGR – Lode Runner Online: Mad Monks’ Revenge – PC Game Review

[Eastern music] [typing] In 1983, Doug Smith’s Lode Runner was released by Brøderbund Software for the Apple II. In Lode Runner, you played a stick figure running away from other stick figures, navigating the platforms, shooting holes into the ground and trying to collect gold without getting caught. It also is one of the first […]

AVG Antivirus para Android

Hello again, infonaut, welcome or welcome to a new delivery of your infoductive YouTube channel … this time we will see another antivirus for our Android device, this time we will see the free version of this year’s AVG 2018 antivirus I remind you that on your Android device either a mobile phone and a […]

Flashing Multirotor ESCs with SimonK Firmware

If you’ve done everything you can to tune your multicopter’s flight characteristics and are still looking for better performance the SimonK Electronic Speed Controller firmware may be the way to get smoother flights with a more locked in feel. Today I’m going to show you how to flash Turnigy Multistar ESCs with SimonK firmware. This […]

Edward Norton Does His Impression of Alec Baldwin’s Method Acting

-And I got this cast. Alec Baldwin and Willem Dafoe, Bruce Willis. -Bruce Willis, Willem Dafoe is great. -Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who’s this wonderful, amazing actress. -She’s great. -And Bobby Cannavale. -How was Alec? -Alec is an animal. He is, as everybody knows. -He’s a beast. -He’s a beast. But the thing is, like, over in […]


Hey there Hoodie here and welcome back to facade so when you last left off I uh I got a broke the games nobody was talking over who’s doing anything, so we’re gonna try again. We’re gonna See what we can do I? Don’t know let’s see I’ve heard that you can get trip to […]

First steps with Quick Access Popup – QAP Bit by Bit Videos

Bonjour. I’m Jean Lalonde the developer of quick access pop-up welcome to this short demonstration of this powerful menu that will help you save thousands of clicks while working at your computer I will guide you through the first steps of using quick access pop-up we’ll see in this video the default menu that is […]

How to update firmware SM-A705FN – Galaxy A70 android pie Step-by-Step

hello guys today I’m gonna talk about how to install and update official firmware for galaxy a 70 with Android body this is a full installation guide provided by, let’s begin before all we you have you should have a PC or a laptop and the only any charge your phone at least 30 […]

Best Free Audio Recording Software For Windows 10

you’re looking for the best free audio recording software for Windows 10 the good news is there are some great free audio editing software options and audio recording software options that will give you professional results we’ll look at some of the best free audio recording software options for Windows 10 coming up welcome to […]

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