Essential Security and Privacy Christmas Gifts | NordVPN

We’re all connected these days. So this holiday season online security and privacy are starting to look more and more like great gift ideas. To make it easier for you, here’s a short guide. Webcam cover to avoid spying If your webcam is left unprotected, a criminal can hack into your device, steal your private info, and […]

Gopro Hero 5 Black: Firmware Update LATEST!

Connect your GoPro to a computer Then open Quik app You can always update firmware using camera settings You have to fully charge your camera before update it! After charging your camera, power on to finish updating. After that update will be finished! Thanks for watching!

Download and install a Remote Software Upgrade with the BMW Connected App – BMW How-To

Remote Software Upgrades for your BMW are also available via the BMW Connected App. To save time, you can download the upgrade package through the app over WiFi and afterwards upload it to your vehicle. With a push notification, your BMW Connected app informs you when a new software upgrade for your BMW is available. […]

Time to change career? What are the signs?

Did you spend the weekend giving out about your job? Did you spend time at your friends giving out to them about your job? You never actually chose your job. It just happened. Is that actually what you want to do? And is it definitely making you happy? You’ve got to be doing something that […]

Jobber Home Service Software

[MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s be honest, most of your competitors in the home services industry, well, they leave a lot to be desired. They’re missing appointments, showing up late, losing invoices, doing everything by hand. It’s kind of a mess. Let me tell you about Jobber. With Jobber, you can easily manage your team, invoice, quote, […]

XIM APEX Upgrading Firmware

Occasionally updated firmware will be made available for your XIM APEX as new features and fixes are released. Upgrading firmware requires either a PC running Windows 7 or above or a Mac running macOS 10 or above. First download the XIM APEX flash tool from Your XIM APEX must be placed into flash programming […]

Software Testing Skills

Hi there. This video is on building software testing skills. Why improve testing skills? The simple answer is that a person with higher skills is more valuable. Better skills make you a lot more money in the long run. Now, let us see how you can improve your testing skills in each of the skill […]

How to download iPhone, iPad, iPod firmware manually

Hello guys! this is Dorendro from iSangai This video is How to download iPhone firmware manually Okay open browser on your computer Type IPSW dot ME to the search bar and press enter to show Apple product as you want to download choose your iDevice model as you have it click on any iOS version […]

Zoom B3n: Updating the Firmware

Hi everyone, this is John from Zoom. And in this video I am going to show you how to properly update the B3n firmware. The firmware update will allow compatibility with Zoom Guitar Lab 3.0, along with numerous new features and improvements. First, open your browser, and navigate to Click on the Support + […]

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