Garmin Explore: Using the Software to Save Waypoints and Routes

Garmin Explore is the mobile app for mapping and organizing your outdoor adventures. In this video, we’ll show you how to use the Garmin Explore app for map viewing, trip planning and cloud storage of your favorite hikes, rides, trips and adventures for future reference. Once you’ve downloaded Garmin Explore to your smartphone or tablet […]

How to update your Philips Saphi Smart TV software via internet [2018]

[Music] To ensure an optimal experience with your Philips TV, it is advisable to check for software updates regularly. The easiest way to do this is via internet. First, make sure your TV is connected to the Internet. For this particular operation a broadband connection is required. Then press the [Home] button on your remote […]

How to update your Philips TV remote control software [2018]

When your Philips TV has been upgraded with new software, which also includes new remote control software, and your remote control has already been paired with your TV, you will then see a message on your TV screen announcing that new remote control firmware is available. If you select [Update] a screen on remote control […]

GDPR Compliance Software | PrivacyEngine

Data. All organisations big and small process a lot of it. And now under the General Data Protection Regulations, all these organisations are required to keep a record of all of the ways in which they handle this data. That’s a lot of processes to record. And that’s a lot of potential risks. PrivacyEngine is […]

WhatsApp accuses Israel’s NSO Group for using “Pegasus” Spyware to snoop People

Facebook-owned platform WhatsApp has confirmed that an Israel Spyware was used to snoop activities of many people especially Journalists and Human-rights activists in many Countries. WhasApp has filed a complaint about this cyberattack to the US federal Court. And, WhatsApp is sending alert notifications to the people who got affected with this cyberattack. It seems […]

How to add an instrument to the WIKA-Cal software database & designate it as a calibration standard?

[How to setup the WIKA-Cal software] The following video will explain how to add an instrument to the database within the WIKA-Cal software as well as how to communicate with and designate it as a standard for use in calibration. In general this example is intended to inform the user how the procedure can be […]

Cannot Hibernate in Linux | Fix Unable To Hibernate problem in Linux Ubuntu

hey what’s up guys? in today’s video, we will address another one of the relatively common problems that happen with Linux machines. And that problem is that the hibernate command does not work. when you try to issue “systemctl hibernate” or “PM hibernate”, your computer either freezes, shuts down instead of hibernating or the screen […]

SANS DFIR Webcast – APT Attacks Exposed: Network, Host, Memory, and Malware Analysis

(bright electronic music) – [Man] Evening, everyone! – [Audience Member] Good evening! – [Man] Hi. (cheering and laughing) Welcome to the first night of SANS Monterey, DFIR Con, for many of you who were able to actually show up today on your plane. Just curious, how many in here were delayed, and you had to […]

Topic 4: Computer Software

This presentation is intended to give an introduction of the … topic based on the textbook and other references. You are advised to perform further readings, Internet searchings and discussions for better … understanding and assessment purposes. Topic 4: Computer Software This topic provides an overview of the major types of … software that you […]

Available Now: Tekla Software 2019

Hi, I’m Ville from Trimble’s Tekla software development. We have truly constructible Tekla 2019 ready for you. Now let’s hear from my colleagues what it has to offer. Tekla drawings are already amazing. They have to be because they are essential to your work. The constructible Tekla model is complete and accurate so that you […]

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