The Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

The Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

– There are a lot of different video editing tools out there. And today, I’m gonna share with you guys the one that I use that is really simple, very easy to use, and has very professional results. Even if you do not know how to edit video. That’s coming up. (techno music) Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer! Welcome to Video Creators, we are all about helping you grow your YouTube audience so
you can spread a message that reaches people and
changes their lives. And to do that you’re
gonna need to edit videos. At first, I know that is very intimidating because a lot of times
these tools are confusing, they use lingo and language
you don’t understand, you don’t really know why
this problem is happening or how to make that effect or anything. And that is the reason why I think the best video editing software
for beginners is Camtasia. Now, I love this program. I use it myself and I’m gonna show you
exactly how I use it. But I reached out to them and said, “hey, do you want to be
a part of this video?” And they were cool enough to sponsor this so that we can do this
together with you guys. So, let me take you to my desktop and show you how I use it and why I think it’s an amazing tool. One of the best things I love about this is that it’s just so easy and intuitive to use. And tutorials to teach you if you don’t know how. Like when you first open up the program, it always has these
tutorials right here for you. You can learn exactly how to do it. But it also comes with a getting started project for you so you can see exactly how this works, and how to get introduced to it, and how to start using it. You can edit and modify this whole thing to your heart’s content. And play around with it to see exactly how it works even from the
moment you first open it. Within a few minutes of
opening this software you will already be editing very professional looking videos but if you want more, you can go to the help menu, click on video tutorials right here, and that will open up a
page of even more tutorials going even more in depth, into editing, and media,
and basics, and animations, and the tools that they have here, everything is just awesome because you can learn how to
use this in very simple ways. This is one of my recent projects. Let me walk you through,
real quick, what’s here. Then I’m gonna show you
exactly how I use it for quick, easy, professional looking video edits that I have to do. So, down the left sidebar you have your media bin. And this is where all your video footage, your photos, your audio clips, music, all your assets go into here. And then you can click and drag these down onto a timeline somewhere down here. And this is where you
can add different tracks with your audio. If you have a lot of different tracks, you got my web cam recording, my desktop recording, all here together on the timeline. But they also have built in a library of other cont that you can use. Whether you want to use different icons for different things, or maybe you want to have
your own branded intro? You can use any of these and fully customize any of these to be exactly what you want with your text, with your
logo, and everything. Lots and lots of
different types of intros. Lower thirds, and I do
use these right here in the program if I just want something quick and easy that
just looks professional I can use any of these
that I like as well. And then, besides lower thirds, they have motion backgrounds, just little effects that you can put behind your text or
things that you want to share. They have music tracks that you can use that are all royalty free. Different outros if you
want to use any of these for your videos. It just makes your
videos look professional without you even having to
learn how to do animation. Next we have annotations and in here you can do
different basic call outs. You can add arrows, and shapes, and blurs, and highlights,
sketches, keystrokes, everything’s here. All you have to do is just click and drag it over here and make
yourself say something. You can see the timeline now, it adds a little to the track here where you can adjust the time and the duration of this. And reposition it, click in here, over on the left you can change your text you have full control over exactly how you want any
of these things to appear. Now, one of the ones
that I use most often, is the blur effect. In case I’m like showing
something on my screen that I don’t want people to see. Like maybe my analytics. And I’m doing screen
caption and I’m just like, you know what, I want to blur that. Normally, blurring is really complicated. But you can do multiple levels of blurring and increase the strength and how big it is, and small it is, and everything over here. So, it’s easy for you to hide the things that you
don’t want people to see in your footage. And again, it just puts
it out on the track for you to completely
adjust it the way you want. Next, we have transitions. I personally don’t use many of these. If you watch television or watch movies you’ll notice that they
very rarely use transitions. It’s usually just a simple cut sometimes like a fade
to black or something so you won’t see many of
these types of effects going on like they have here. But if you want to use those you can. But I usually don’t. Anytime you want to do something fancy with your text and
have it do something fun, you can easily use these tools here. Now, animations, I do use these a lot. And it really helps you
add a professional feel to your videos so that you can make the footage look and do anything that you want it to do. I most commonly use this
custom one right here Cause it gives me full flexibility. I’ll just click and drag that here. And at the first dot, I will set this footage
to be however I want. Let’s just say I want
to put it right there but I want to zoom in on something, I would go to this second dot right here. And then I can just click and drag this so it’s just gonna scale up the photo. This video footage I
wanted to really zoom in on this part right here. Then I can do that. Set that and it’s
automatically gonna record that spot for me so then when I click play, it’s just gonna zoom right in. And it does it in a
really nice smooth way. If I want it to go shorter or longer, I can increase the length just by clicking and dragging. And now it’ll zoom in much, much slower to that spot. So, a lot of other different animations you can do right here. Cursor effects are really cool If you want to make it really clear what you’re clicking on. I usually don’t use those. Voice narration is really great. If you want to record a voice over with your video so you
have everything edited, you got it all looking nice, and then you just want to sit down and record that voice
over, it’s super easy. You just click start voice recording. It’ll mute everything else
so you get nice, clear audio and boom you’re done. It’s right here in your project. The other audio effects it has is right here under this tab. Now, I almost always use this one. Audio compression because what it does is you click and drag this onto your audio it makes your audio feel
like everything is the same. Have you ever watched a video where sometimes it’s really loud and then gets really quiet? You can’t quite hear. Or the whole thing’s just really quiet. Or the whole thing’s just
clipping and really loud. That’s bad. This audio compression tool makes the audio level throughout
the whole thing. I usually go with medium but if it’s already pretty loud, you can go with low or if you wanted really high compression you can do that. But if you don’t want to deal with it on an individual track by track level, you can also just have it automatically applied to the entire
project by going up to edit, going down to project settings and right here there is an option for auto-normalize loudness. If you just check that box, click apply. Now it’ll apply to all the audio tracks and just make them all
sound great together. It saves so much time and it sounds way better than if you just would have kind of left
it to your default audio. And of course, they have
several other audio effects that you can use as well. Under visual effects, I mean, guys, if you
like Instagram filters, you are going to love this cause you can do way more here with this you can remove a color, if you have a green screen, you can outline edges, reflections, mosaics, keystrokes, freeze regions and all sorts of really
powerful visual effects that you can use on top
of your videos here. Under interactivity, you can add a quiz which adds a really cool layer of interactivity to your content. Now, this only works if you use TechSmith, the developer of the software, if you use their smart player, you can bed into their tool and then there will be a quiz that can come up right at
this time in your video that’s interactive for people to use. I’ve actually never
used this feature myself because I put all my stuff on YouTube where this will not work. But if you are creating courses or something like that
and will use their player then this is great. And then finally, over here, we have gesture effects. I don’t typically use these. This is whenever you want
to simulate something on your computer screen that looks like someone’s
using a mobile device. So, if you want to add like a swipe type of thing, or a double tap, or a pinch and a zoom, you can simulate that type of effect right
there on your footage. All of that said, the
tool that I use the most in Camtasia whenever I want to sit down and simply just quickly
make a really good video, I sit down and I use this record button in the top left corner. When I click that I
get a few options here. First of all, I can select what size and area of my screen I
want Camtasia to record. I can turn on my webcam if I’d like. I can then also turn on
my microphone if I’d like. And if I needed to record system audio, like a video on my computer that’s playing or something like that I can set all those up. And then I click record. And then it just simply starts recording that selected area that
I chose on my screen. And then I would just make the video like I normally would. After the recording stops, It automatically comes here into Camtasia and gets added into my media bin which is right here. Where I can then pull
it down, and drag it, and edit it, and change it however I want. Now one of the things I love about this is that my old software, this video was like burned into
wherever I positioned it. But here in Camtasia, I can resize it, I can move it, I have complete, flexible control over it to make it look
and appear how I want editing that video clip of my webcam as a separate track. I’ve used a lot of different
video editing tools over my 12 years here at YouTube. And in my opinion, Camtasia really takes all the basic features and a lot of very intermediate, professional
level features and tools and puts them into a package that is really easy to use and simple. Even if you are not a
full time video editor, you can pick this up and Camtasia makes it very easy for you to do so. Down in the description below this video you will find a link where you can download
a free trial of this. It’s available for Mac and for PC and if you’re like me, and sometimes you’re edition
on different computers whether you’re on the go with your laptop, or at home on your desktop, they do let you install this on up to two computers. Which is great! So, go to to download your free trial. And just try it out and see
if it’s right for you or not. Also, make sure you subscribe here at Video Creators
because we are all about helping you grow your YouTube audience so you can spread a message
that reaches people, changes their lives, and make money, and grow
a business around this that makes it all sustainable long term. So subscribe and I’ll see
you guys again next week.

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  • Omg love u My brother learns from u how to edit videos and make one bcz of u for his project at college ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ edit : thx for the heart

  • Wishing you had posted this video sooner lol I have Movavi which is better than movie maker, but I just picked one that was sort of cheap because I didn’t know where to go!

  • Da-yaaam!!! $250!!! This is not for beginners at all man! C’mon dude, YTers just starting out need free or really cheap! If you’re a Mac owner iMovie is where it’s at until you get going and want to spend money on better. I’m sure there’s something for windows as well. Lots of tutorials on YouTube for just about any program you can imagine. Spending this amount on a video editing program in the early stages of growing a channel seems highly irresponsible and that money can be put towards something else that you need instead. I appreciate your videos, but this is a little crazy to be recommending to us new folks just trying to get 25 subs. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Thank you, as someone isn't any good with the tech. stuff this was a great help and I would love to see anymore YouTube related tech help videos that you may have or will have thanks again

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  • I use Hitfilm they have a free version that is almost the same as the pro version with effect and so on. and you can always add extra package, but if you want to many it is cheaper to buy the pro version that have all package, I like there buying model because you keep the last model after a year upgrade and can always upgrade later. also many guide on youtube with test material to there guide.

  • I was HOPING you'd say Camtasia, Tim! I've been using it for several years. I can actually see things in Camtasia.
    When I got a Mac, I looked at iMovie and then at Final Cut Pro. These Apple products were an "eye test" for me. A gray-on-gray button on a black background? Really? I may look younger but my eyes know how old they are. I couldn't see a lot of things in Apple.
    So I'm back to Camtasia. I was just on the phone with them today. Their customer service is great, too.

  • I still use Windows Movie Maker! lmao! Bought Vegas movie maker for like 60 quid! and still yet to use it after 2 years. My problem is my files won't work in Vegas unless I convert all my files which takes too long and I just cba. Why does an expensive program not recognize files that a free program from Windows can? (which is not even available anymore from Microsoft)

  • I've been using Camtasia for 5 years. Personally I love it. It is easy, professional and yes – it lacks a few things other bigger name editors having tried them out. Too complicated for me. I am sticking with Camtasia.

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    More then basic stuff are free but if you want you can extra stuff for it.

  • Great video Tim! Thanks again I just gave you guys a shout out in my ONE MILLION VIEWS vid I released today. I have been using audacity and the free no longer supported movie maker for editing I may have to try camtasia this would do everything I would need and save time since I'm editing both audio and video a few times for each release I do!

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  • Thanks for sharing, Tim!!! Digging this software. Question…I use an old CS5 version of Premiere and sometimes the '18 version of Premiere Elements (less complicated vids) – is there a limiting factor on final rendering when using an older version of a software? Meaning, am I missing out on quality by using an older setup? Contemplating leaving the Adobe vid editing world.

  • HitFilm Express for a great free feature-rich editor and Filmora9 for something relatively cheap that is simple-to-use and has some good in-built transitions and other elements

  • I’m starting my own daily vlogging channel soon and find your information very useful. I have also heard all of the bigger and little vlogging channels that say……posing consistently is what got them so many viewers fast. That when they was only posting like a channel a week they wasn’t getting hardly any viewers. They also say that you get back out of your channel what you out into it. So if you make your channel a full time plus job then you will get back much more on the end. Working hard and being consistent and being yourself if the key.

  • Thanks. I use Camtasia and really enjoy it. It’s pretty easy to use and does a surprising amount of stuff. It’s great for beginners.

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