Trump Writes Sick, Rambling Letter to Pelosi Before Impeachment

Trump Writes Sick, Rambling Letter to Pelosi Before Impeachment

Once again, the house of representatives is
set to vote today on impeaching Donald Trump. It’s expected to pass. It will trigger a trial in the Senate. Yesterday, Donald Trump wrote a bizarre rambling
six page letter to Nancy Pelosi. The letter was riddled with lies and panic,
and it is a document that historians should clearly be looking at for decades to come. I’ve read this thing a bunch of times because
it’s so out there. It’s so strange. It’s so odd. I’m not going to read the entire letter to
you, but I want to look at some sections with you. One thing about it is that it does at least
seem to be written in, in Trump’s style in that it has that random capitalization of
words in the middle of sentences and lots of exclamation points. Much like in Donald Trump’s Twitter posts,
Donald Trump writing, I write to express my strongest and most powerful protest against
the partisan impeachment crusade being pursued by the Democrats in the house of representatives. This impeachment represents an unprecedented
and unconstitutional abuse of power, completely untrue by Democrat lawmakers, Capitol L lawmakers,
unequaled. In nearly two and a half centuries of American
legislative history, Donald Trump pulls out this idea that there are, um, that there is
something unconstitutional about what is going on. And then in the second paragraph, Donald Trump
goes on to say, the articles of impeachment introduced by the house judiciary are not
recognizable under any standard of constitutional theory, interpretation or jurisprudence. They include no crimes, no misdemeanors, and
no offenses whatsoever. You have cheapened the importance of the very
ugly word, impeachment exclamation point. So again, uh, exclamation points, a less common
punctuation device in presidential letters, and of course, exclamation points in serious
writing of this type are assigned that you can’t really make your arguments with logic,
reason, and vocabulary, so you throw an exclamation points. But substantively, Trump again, pulls out
this idea that there are no crimes or misdemeanors in articles of impeachment. Therefore you can’t impeach. That’s wrong. Impeachment is a political process. It doesn’t require criminal wrongdoing. But a recent house judiciary report does actually
accuse the precedent of committing federal crimes. As I discussed with you yesterday. Then the letter goes on to attack a Joe Biden. As strange as that is saying, quote, you know
full well that vice president Biden used his office on $1 billion of USAID money to coerce
Ukraine into firing the prosecutor who was digging into the company, paying his son millions
of dollars. You know this because Biden bragged about
it on video. Biden openly stated, I said, I’m telling you,
you’re not getting the billion dollars. I looked at them and said, I’m not. I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not
getting the money. Well, son of a bitch, he got fired and Trump
goes on to say, now you are trying to impeach me by falsely accusing me of doing what Joe
Biden has admitted. He actually did. Now we’ve already talked about this. You can disagree with the decision that was
made. You can say, Joe Biden shouldn’t have been
part of that, but Biden was there at the direction of Barack Obama as part of an international
group that was involved and to even remotely liken it to Donald Trump’s sending Rudy, his
personal lawyer, to demand smears against Biden to help Trump win an election. It’s a patently ridiculous comparison. Then Trump attacks Adam Schiff, head of the
house intelligence committee saying, Congressman Adam Schiff cheated and lied all the way up
to the present day. Even going so far as to fraudulent, we make
up out of thin air. My conversation with president Zelenskyi of
Ukraine and read this fantasy language and read this fantasy language to Congress as
though it were said by me, his shameless lies and deception dating all the way back to the
Russia hoax is one of the main reasons we are here today. Of course, shift didn’t lie or cheat. No person or elected official is perfect,
but the smear campaign against Schiff is absurd. Trump then goes on to talk about how great
minorities are doing, and this is where the rambling starts with really long paragraphs. Trump saying, you and your party, you’re desperate
to distract from America’s extraordinary economy, incredible jobs, boom, record, stock market,
soaring, confidence and flourishing citizens. Your party simply cannot compete with our
record, 7 million new jobs, the lowest ever unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic
Americans and Asian Americans are rebuilt. Military, a completely reformed VA with choice
and accountability for our great veterans. More than 170 new federal judges and two Supreme
court justices on and on and on. Then Trump goes on to accuse Nancy Pelosi
and Democrats of being the ones interfering with elections. A classic move of projection saying you are
the ones interfering in America’s elections. You are the ones subverting America’s democracy. You are the ones Capitol. Oh, obstructing justice. You are the ones bringing pain and suffering
to our Republic for your own selfish, personal, political and partisan gain. And this goes on and on for six pages. Maybe my favorite line of the entire thing
is where Trump says more due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem witch trials. And then lastly, maybe the one line I agree
with from the letter Trump saying 100 years from now, when people look back at this affair,
I want them to understand it and learn from it so that it can never happen to another
president again. Although I know it’s not what Trump meant. I do hope we have something, uh, that in the
future prevents us from ever dealing with something like this again, whether a president
is able to simply ignore checks and balances, carry out a completely corrupted vial agenda,
let’s hope it never happens again. And we can take step one by removing Trump,
which I don’t see. Republicans in the Senate doing. The letter must be archived for history. The letter sums up Trump’s total disregard
for the law for conventions. It sums up his arrogance, his delusions of
grander and on some level, Trump doesn’t want to be in P impeached. He knows the Senate is unlikely to convict. Trump might even get a boost. I think he knows that, but at the same time,
on some level, Trump doesn’t want to be a president. Impeached. The letter is riddled with lies to the point
of gaslighting. It’s riddled with evidence of Trump’s delusions
of grander, but it also is a desperate president who doesn’t want to get impeached and the
letter happens to read like a monologue from Sean Hannity’s Fox news show. I haven’t looked, but it would be very unsurprising
if some of this language was lifted straight from a Hannity monologue. But again, an innocent man doesn’t write a
letter with exclamation points attacking everyone, nor do they obstruct the investigation. An innocent man would want to prove their
innocence. They would cooperate. That is not what we are seeing here on this
historic day. Let me know what you expect. What do you make of all this? Leave a reply. If you’re watching on YouTube, send me a tweet. If you’re on Twitter at D Pacman, we will
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30 thoughts on “Trump Writes Sick, Rambling Letter to Pelosi Before Impeachment

  • They, the republicans impeached Clinton for a sexual liaison. Yet holding a president personally responsible for actions which are directly in opposition to our Constitution is impossible?

  • If an innocent man would want to prove his innocence… why don't Democrats want to investigate Joe Biden's activities in Ukraine?

  • Yea…congratulation to President Trump….you FINALLY DID IT….President Obama did not get IMPEACHED. So I'd say, that you did a Great Job of accomplishing something that President Obama NEVER did. Booohaa…roflmao.

  • I don't get that Trump and the Secretary of State both admitted to there being quid pro quo on camera. Why isn't this being used??

  • I can hardly wait until hes gone.
    He's a discrace.
    No shame, no honor no morals. He conned the American people & brought out the worst in the American people. Their greed & hate of others. How are we ever going to accept aliens of other worlds if people hate and think they are better than others. We are moving to the future science fiction movies wrote about. Trump is showing us what we don't want and how we must be more careful when we vote. There are evil greedy people that will sell us out to Russia. Trump will sell anything if he thinks it helps him with money or power!
    The Creator is watching, choose wisely, have integrity, make good choices for your grand children.
    Watch red October again.
    Believe, have Faith Trump is going to leave and will not be in the 2020 election. Know that he will leave when he sees the Senate is turning against him as more of his dirty deeds are revealed. It's in the stars and planets, the eclipses on Christmas and Jan. 10th are bringing major change for him. Know your Faith is powerful and is connected to all. Think it, feel it, ask, believe & receive.
    We deserve better than Trump. This is the first time in history thousands of registered Republicans will vote for a moderate Democrat because they are sick of the discrace of the Trump shit show.

  • Thank you for going over this. That letter was a disgrace. Someone in his circle had to tell him not to send that. 🤦‍♀️

  • Farron Cousins from Ring of Fire said that the message is in fact aimed at Republican Senators.

    Also, Beau of the Fifth Column made a video on the whole Hunter Biden affair. The Ukrainian investigation into that company started years before Hunter Biden was employed.

    Not an innocent man. A man that's not guilty. There's a difference.

  • You speak like your 4 yrs old. Learn how to speak with dignity ,and humility. Youdont know how to write, and spell. Get an education, and not only with capital letters . You're corruption, ND you do know what the onstitution. That's why you're impeached. DUMMY!!!!!!!!!

  • Y'know, Trump is helping the ¢hri$tian$ to facilitate the prophesies that they've been setting up for a century. He and his supporters are pretending that the devil rules their hearts and minds, setting up an opportunity for a ¢hri$tian to put him down, "cast him into the pit", thus fulfilling their "end times" prophesy the result of which, after all the living witnesses are dead, they can tell the story that Jesus returned and set all right with the world. When they quit causing the problems, the problems go away.ike magic. A miracle.

  • Kinda exaggerating his grammar/vocabulary in his letter, kinda make it sound like a 5 year old wrote it prior to reading it.

  • @DavidPakmanShow, I hate to tell you this but there was an ad from Trump Campaign that preceded your video. I have seen this countless times connected to channels by "Never Will Be Trumpers If My Life Depended On It". Something stinks in the state of YouTube.

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