What is the Best Video Editing Software? HitFilm/Adobe CC/Vegas

What is the Best Video Editing Software? HitFilm/Adobe CC/Vegas

100 thoughts on “What is the Best Video Editing Software? HitFilm/Adobe CC/Vegas

  • I use Hitfilm Express (because it is free) it is a very great software but the biggest problem is performace

  • Hey I have recently just made a montage on cod bo4 if you wouldn’t mind simply giving it a watch and letting me know your opinions that would be highly appreciated thanks if you do if not that okay too 😊

  • im gonna kill myself…i tried to install this program again and yet again the preview window lags abit. cant use vegas on my PC it seems

  • Overall, I think Vegas Pro is the most practical. My laptop has only 2GB of RAM, 2 core cpu and fortunately Vegas Pro runs smoothly. I tried Premiere Pro but as what I've expected it sluggish and I know it's not the software's fault. Hitfilm was the same with premiere pro or it's even worse. Overall, Vegas Pro is the best despite of the limited resources I've got!

  • First off: amazing video. Really, really well made and answers every question being said about these softwares.

    THAT BEING SAID, Vegas wasn't the right choice for the 3rd software. I feel Final Cut Pro was. It's far better in the video department, far cheaper, and more widespread than Vegas. When you consider people go out of their ways to buy Macs, just for Final Cut.
    As for sound, while Final Cut isn't as powerful as Premiere and AE (to my knowledge), Logic Pro X exists. That's $500 for the full license (slightly less than PR + AE 1 year license). And Logic is the best sound editing/mixing software, and is frequently used professionally. When you included Vegas, you mentioned its power for audio editing, yet failed to even recognize Logic for the same. I recognize Logic doesn't have video playback and is a dedicated sound editor, but I feel that it and Final Cut deserved a review regardless

    However, seeing as you have a PC, this exclusion can be forgiven.

  • Great video, but this would've been better if you included Avid Media Composer, and removed every scene where a My Little Pony image is shown.

  • I use adobe Photoshop an adobe ilusstrator cc2019 to make logo, s for company and I really like the workflow off Adobe adobe is my # 1 platform for graphic designing so in total I work whit it already for 5 years and I never used another progam so yeah I'm a full adobe supporter

  • Vegas is good for lower-end machines, a mate of mine uses Vegas on a old AMD phenom machine and it works fine, try something like hitfilm and premier on it and it comes to a standstill. I am trying to learn hitfilm myself, just getting the time to do it.

  • Out of these what one is good for adding special effects or fx to videos Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Powerdirector, Hitfilm, or even iMovie.

  • For newer viewers, I think you should take a look at Olive video editor if you need a simple cutting tool, or if you need some of the more advanced color and video effects/animation, take a look at davinci resolve. It has a lot of capability in it, supports 4k in the free version, and although people call it a color grading application, it's video editing capabilities are very impressive, along with the entire application being MUCH more stable than vegas or premiere (this coming from someone who's owned and used both of those programs).

  • Indeed masking in vegas can be pretty frustrated lol… But im used to it.. Till now… Haha i guess

  • While this video is well edited, it's hardly a useful review of the selected software. I like all of the software in this review, for one reason or another, but I have been using Vegas Pro since its very beginning. Not all of us in the video and film production world create video for YouTube. Some of us are professionals and we produce for television and cinema. You seemed to reduce Vegas Pro to a simple editor for banging out a quick YouTube video. I have edited two feature films, several documentaries, many commercials (national and local), and countless corporate videos, all with Vegas Pro. I have used many NLE programs over the years, including many that you've never heard of or have since gone away. I've even used a few incarnations of Avid. I come from the days of linear editing but when the technology first became available, and computers fast enough (my 500MHz DEC Alpha computer was the talk of the town), I built one of the first NLE machines in Las Vegas. So why have I chosen Vegas Pro? Because it actually does so much more than what you've reduced it to in this video. A company called Magix bought out Vegas Pro from Sony and the have been making regular improvements, since. I'm currently using v16 and it smokes any other NLE. If I weren't using Vegas Pro I'd probably be using Adobe Premier because it integrates nicely with After Effects (as you'd expect). Premier has come a LONG way since I rejected it nearly fifteen years ago. But professionals don't need something like HitFilm that has great compositing features. We usually work in a pipeline system where those duties are handed off to that department. But even when I'm working alone, I'd still rather just have my editor and compositor be entirely separate packages. Having said that, however, Vegas Pro actually has some great composition features. Unless you plan on spending some time with the editing software, or spending a couple of days with someone during an intense editing session using that software, you can't do an accurate and just review. At best, you've presented a very misleading review, and at worst you've done a huge disservice to all three of them. Your cursory analysis of the features of all three packages was not quite ready for prime time. You bear a certain amount of responsibility when providing information to the masses. Though your information was mostly accurate, it's what you DIDN'T say about the software that causes the damage. So, if you're looking to purchase NLE software, first consider what kind of videos you want to create, READ the features list, and READ the reviews. Watch professionally produced videos created with the software, and ask the editors in your area if you can sit in on an edit session some day. It might just be that you can get away with one of the FREE NLE programs that are available. In the end, they all do basically the same things. Editing is a skill and I could create a professional product with any of the mentioned software. They're like shampoos; they're all just degreasers and do basically the same thing. Choose the one that smells best to you.

  • Davinci resolve is sort of good for video editing if anyone wants to give it a try.
    Also for recording computer screens I would suggest streamlabs it's a good software. Hope it was helpful

  • all Softwares are effective each way. I'm currently using Cyberlink PowerDirector, now I think to use Ae, Adobe pro. along with PowerDirector.

  • Whatever video editor you used to make this video, it wasn't good when it comes to balancing your voice (quiet volume) with the music (loud volume).

  • Does Sony Vagus (Any Version) incorporate a Slide Show Maker that incorporates the Ken Burns Effect of pan & zoom?

  • Honestly, if HitFilm added Optical Flow, more Tracking Options and more indepth custom plugins (which might honestly already exist since I never really searched for Plugins).
    Then HitFilm might just be the best editing software out there period.

    I worked with Sony Vegas and it was a mess, I worked with Adobe and the shit part about it is that you have to switch to After Effects and back to Premiere because certain things only exist in either of them.

    The best part about HitFilm is that you have Composite shots, all other editing software has you cluttering 1 single timeline which just looks stupid as fuck and is horrible to work with if you use grades.

    I used these programs for heavy FX editing and HitFilm has by far the biggest range of FX when it comes to a free program, the free version of HitFilm is basically a slightly lesser version of after Effects AND Premiere COMBINED.

    I also use DaVinci resolve which seems to be the only program that allows you to use Optical Flow FOR FREE, but I really only use it for that and nothing else.

    If you wanna get into extremely basic editing then some of the other programs mentioned might be the best, but I personally would recommend you DaVinci Resolve.
    Most paid programs nowedays have nice features and get a lot of updates, but for their price they are stuck so far in the past compared to all this new free software it's actually mind bogling to think how much you have to pay (Some even with expensive Subscriptions).

    Get HitFilm for Heavy FX Stuff.
    Get DaVinci Resolve either way but over all these paid products for more casual baseline editing.

  • I tried hitfilm free a lot time ago. Am i was the only one that it was hard to edit it. Now i use Sony vegas.

  • I have experience in using all three but I use both Vegas and Adobe premiere on a regular basis. I like using Vegas for quicker edits and while traveling on the go with integrated graphics (to save battery) while I use premiere for more for the detailed editing. As for HIt film, I use it more for visual effects like I do with after effects.

  • One of the best motion tracker I know that works with all 3 programs is the brand new Boris Mocha. But it's roughly $700 – $1,200. It just came out in 2015.

  • Well, Premiere Pro is the easiest to get on the web from sites other than Adobe, After Effects is simple as well, while hitfilm has better protection methods, I managed to find a working method. I've never used Vegas and can say nothing about it's ease to get free.

  • I personally think premier is the better editor it’s got everything under the sun butttt Sony is primary mainly cause I know it so well.

  • 2 or 3 years ago, I used camtasia studio & sony vegas… I don't know why sony made vegas, I think it is thw WORST editing software in the world! (except from movie maker) I know that vegas has a nice options, but it's so had to use… camtasia is like movie maker with normal timeline and i think hitfilm it is good, but I'm in love with premiere and after…

  • I have used Sony Vegas for about 3 years now and i have recently gotten into after effects and I must say after effects is a lot harder to learn but you can make a lot smoother videos on it but there are pros and cons for both after effects and Vegas

  • I use sony vegas for all my edits, but the main disadvantage is that there is not speed/velocity curve like there is in after effects, so being precise with transitions can be hard, but it is do-able, just takes a lot longer and more precision

  • Okay let me tell you my experience!!!! I used Sony Vegas for 4 years on making professional editing videos on insta gram mostly anime , trust me it lags it crashes a lot it’s not the right one for that stuff Sony Vegas is good for YouTube edtintn montage ,adobe premiere is a downgrade of after effects!!! It’s simpler than after effects that’s why people use it , I started using after effects 1 months ago hahah oh boy that shit was easy to learn I thought it was hard , but it’s really not svp -> 7/10 Premiere pro 9/10. After effects 10/10

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