White tiger kills student at New Delhi zoo

White tiger kills student at New Delhi zoo

A male student was killed by a white tiger
at New Delhi zoo on Tuesday, after jumping into the enclosure. The student has been identified as Maqsood
and it’s been reported that he was 19 or 20 years old, although local media has said that
he appeared to be a teenager. Once inside the enclosure Maqsood was quickly
cornered by the animal. The tiger reportedly spent fifteen to twenty
minutes staring at the student and pawing him occasionally, while onlookers shouted
at the animal to try to get him to move away, before suddenly it grabbed Maqsood by the neck and dragged him to the other side of the enclosure. Maqsood’s father blamed the zoo for his son’s
death. It is the fault of the zoo officials as they
could not stop my son from jumping. If they had stopped my son once and then also he went
back there, they should have stopped him again. If they have kept such dangerous animals then
they should keep a guard outside the enclosure. Officials from the zoo said that Maqsood jumped
inside the animals enclosure despite being warned against it by security guards.

17 thoughts on “White tiger kills student at New Delhi zoo

  • The father blaming the Zoo for not stopping his son from jumping is stupid. What he should be blaming them for is doing nothing for ….what did they say? 20 minutes? How do you ignore a man in a tigers cage for that long?

  • This is what I hate. When people do not want to place responsibility where it lies. How dare the father blame the zoo for his sons death? They warned the boy not to jump in but he did anyway. If the zoo keepers never intervened after 15 minutes then they probably know how deadly that tiger was.

  • I thought taught was an American student. They are the only ones STUPID ENOUGH to do schitt like this.
    Good Job, TIGER.

  • He was actually throwing rocks at the tiger and was too close to the final barrier and fell in . It wasn't until people started throwing garbage and rocks at the tiger that it attacked the student and carried him away .

  • If he was my son, I would be crying, but his dad looked like he didn't mind him being killed by a Tiger I Tank

  • Killed? What killed,lion is not a murderer, people at the top harrasing him for no reason he does this for his safety …..

  • Actually when the boy fell into the enclosure the tiger came near to him. The tiger didn't show any aggression instead he was a bit curious this was bcz he was raised in the zoo since he was a cub so there was no one to teach him how to hunt or kill somebody. And then tiger started smelling and licking him. He was still not aggressive but the crowd started shouting and throwing stones at him so he became uncomfortable with that and then killed the boy but… The tiger didn't eat any one the body part …

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